Kisters 3DViewStation WebViewer


WebViewer Demo Portal

Our new Kisters WebViewer demo portal is online.

Kisters 3DViewStation WebViewer is based on desktop 3DViewStation engine.

- server side rendering only powerd by our 3DViewStation 2016 graphic engine (DX11)

- video streaming to client, no file transfer (IP protection)

- no WebGL rendering on client side any more (full JavaScript only client)

- same client requirements for desktop, tablet and mobile phone use (HTML5 enabled browser only)

(Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer ...)


Full desktop viewer range of functions also in the cloud.



Please register (or sign in if you have an account already) to view our "Public Sample Model Gallery".


We can activate your account for file upload upon request.

Than you can try to upload, convert and view your own files on the web.

You can decide if your converted models are private (visible within your models gallery only) or public

to all authenticated users.


You can also upload 3DVS files created with our Desktop 3DViewStation preserving all prepared views.


Upload, convert and view your model files

1) Use the drag and drop box as drop target for dragging from open explorer or

    "Select Files..." button below to choose all files  belonging to your model.
2) Click "Upload" button to start uploading your files to our server (on bottom of the page).
3) After uploading is finished, use a checkbox to identify the main assembly or part you like to

    convert and click "Convert selected assembly or part" (you can convert multiple files here).
4) Go to "My Convert Jobs" page to watch your new conversion job. 
5) After conversion is finished go to "My Models Gallery" and view your model

    in KiVis WebViewer 2016. 

- You are allowed to upload up to 300 MB / 250 files per session -


For uploading 3DVS files generated with 3DViewStation Desktop also use

"Convert selected assembly or part" same way.

3DVS file are available in the gallery immediately preserving all the views

generated in 3DViewStation Desktop.